SST is an authorized reseller for encryption solutions offered by KoolSpan.

KoolSpan, Inc. develops hardware-based encryption and security applications to protect data and voice communications over network-connected devices. The foundation for KoolSpan encryption is TrustChip®, a hardware-based security platform delivered through a secure microSD processor. It protects connected devices including cell phones, office network phones, laptops, tablets, PCs and servers.  GSA IT Schedule 70 contract - GS35-F387DA.


With 17 patents underlying its technology, KoolSpan offers communications security to companies and government agencies worried about loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. TrustChip’s TrustSDK is FIPS 1402 validated and deployed in more than 50 countries.. KoolSpan is a privately held and based in Bethesda, MD

Crypto at the Core

TrustChip® is your mobile phone encryption engine. It simplifies the mobile security challenge with compatibility across multiple platforms and offers accessibility to any app via its developer kit. TrustChip mobile device security is fully manageable and is hardened with a 32-bit crypto processor at its core.

Multiple Platforms

Unlike the PC-era when businesses enjoyed the relative simplicity of the WinTel platform, the mobile market is splintered. Organizations must deal with multiple operating systems from an even greater number of manufacturers. BYOD adds further complexity by introducing outside devices into networks once reserved for company-owned computers. TrustChip operates across all mobile platforms. It is portable and provides the ability to mount enterprise security services onto employee-owned devices.

Endless Apps

Mobile means apps, which are offered in app stores in a boundless variety. Many require security, especially those developed for enterprise, which leads to many challenges. App developers are burdened with the costs and complexities of a security implementation, often without the domain expertise. For users, application-specific security leads to multiple systems, each requiring management and processing cycles on a resource- limited mobile device.

TrustChip provides a common security anchor, available to all apps operating on a secure mobile phone device. The TrustAPI Developer Kit allows developers with just a few function calls to harness the TrustChip’s security services. Whether a commercial developer, integrator, or enterprise developer building a custom app, the TrustAPI provides a cost-effective solution reducing delivery time and increasing encrypted phone security.

Trust Engine

Mobile devices are made for the masses. Form, feature and function drive the market, leaving security to aftermarket integration. As such, vulnerabilities exist at almost every layer of a mobile device’s operation. The TrustChip is a purpose-built crypto engine designed to provide both security and integrity. It’s hardware-based, self-contained design insulates it from attacks mounted on its host device. This off-board operation ensures the integrity of applications and even operating systems that make use of its security services.

Phone Encryption Technology for Mobile Phones

Mobile Security for android provides protection that secures your phone from threats.