Security Solutions Technology, LLC (SST) is a Veteran Owned and SDVOSB (VIP Certified) Company that provides federal government consulting and contracting, IT professional services, security assessments, cybersecurity, geospatial, Cloud, encryption, program and life cycle management, logistics, and financial consulting. We provide a performance and results-based culture in any organization. SST provides products and services to GSA, DoD, Veteran Affairs, DOS, DHS, and DHHS. SST is on the GSA IT 70 Schedule for SINs 132-51, 132-45, 132-32, and 132-33.

We are an authorized Channel Partners for CrowdStrike cybersecurity behavioral software and services. We are also resellers for encryption technology, Cloud Pricing technology, mobile device management (MDM), PSIM technology, C2 software, and other IT service technologies.  We have unique cybersecurity technology, GIS & geospatial software, Cloud Pricing technology, encryption, IT integration solutions, program management and security audit techniques for the federal market.  We can conduct a network cybersecurity risk assessments and offer solutions to ensure computer networks are secure and compliant with the Safety Act. For cybersecurity, we perform penetrating testing, incident response, cyber hunting, and risk and vulnerability assessments (GSA IT 70 Cyber SINs). 

Our mission is to assist our customers in solving business issues and providing solutions for "GAPS" in company business capabilities. With over 20 years of experience in federal relations, the federal government legislative, budget, and procurement processes, we can provide the professional and technical consulting services required by your organization.

We can coordinate the right management team and high-tech solutions to solve any IT or business problem. Customer service is our top priority. We offer solutions and promise that all of our solutions are within a "scope, schedule, and budget".  We meet with our customers to discuss gaps and/or issues and formulate a strategic plan for your company or agency.

Security Solutions Technology can assist individuals, industry or government agencies with IT professional services or physical security requirements and solutions. We are a team player with cutting-edge SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). We have the senior level experience and expertise that will match any Fortune 500 company. We evaluate every situation and then will recommend a plan that ranges from high-tech solutions to low-tech solutions for customer satisfaction. We have worked with the White House, federal, state agencies, and Fortune 500 companies that are federal contractors.

Security Solutions Technology, LLC can provide the management and consulting services for integrated security solutions for homeland security and military projects, schools, individuals, businesses, seaports, airports, or other government missions. This includes security solutions for command & control centers, biometrics, camera surveillance, construction, guard services, IT services, cybersecurity, logistics, physical barriers, sensors, visitor badges, non-lethal weapons, security training, mass communications, encryption, Cloud services, mobile device management or any other security related issue.

GSA IT Schedule 70 contract --- GS35F387DA, SIN 132-51, SIN 132-45 A/B/C/D, SIN 132-32, SIN 132-33.